Privacy Groove at Monemon

Updated: 23/10/2023

1. The Lowdown

Hey Awesome Human,
At Monemon, we’re all about vibes, and your privacy is a big deal. This Privacy Policy is like the backstage pass to how we handle your info when you sign up for our marketing news. Let’s dive in!

2. Your Deets, Our Promise

When you give us your deet (Email Address) to snag those sweet marketing vibes, we promise:
• We won’t be creepy.
• Your info stays in our VIP section.
• No shady business. Just good vibes.

3. Marketing Magic

Why do we need your info? To send you the latest and greatest marketing news, promos, and maybe some exclusive goodies.

4. Sharing is Caring, But…

Your info is for our eyes only. We won’t be passing it around like party favors. Unless it’s with our trusted partners (third-party services), and only for the purpose of making the party even cooler. Check their privacy scenes for the details.

5. Your Power Move

You’re the boss. If you want to bail from the marketing news party, hit us up, and we’ll make it happen. Your call.

6. Rock-Solid Security

We’ve got digital bouncers in place (security measures) to keep your info safe. No gatecrashers allowed.

7. Updates in the Mix

If we tweak this Privacy Policy for an even cooler version, we’ll drop the news right here. Stay tuned.

8. Let’s Chat

Questions about your info and our vibe? Shoot us a message at [siia siis aadress kuhu saab andmekaitse küsimustes pöörduda Monemonis].

Thanks for being part of the Monemon crew. Let’s keep the vibe strong!

Cookie Vibes at Monemon

Updated: 23/10/2023

1. What’s the Scoop?

Hey there cool cats, welcome to Monemon! We’ve got cookies, but not the kind your grandma bakes. Our Cookie Policy is like the backstage pass to your online experience. Time to break it down!

2. Cookies 101

Cookies are these tiny tech-savvy sidekicks that hang out on your device when you hit up a website. They’re like your personal cheerleaders, making your experience smoother.

3. Jamming with Cookies

We’ve got a mix of cookies:
• Essential Cookies: They keep the lights on and the party going.
• Functional Cookies: Add a dash of personalization to make things just right for you.
• Analytical Cookies: We’re all about data vibes to see what you dig.
• Marketing Cookies: Customizing the party playlist with personalized marketing content.

4. Your Go-Ahead

By cruising through our site, you’re giving us the nod to drop these cookies. Don’t worry, you can change your mind anytime. Just tweak your browser settings or follow the steps in our “Cookie Management” section.

5. Be the DJ of Your Cookies

You’re in control. Set your browser to block cookies if you want, but heads up, some parts of our vibe might not work as smooth without them.

6. VIP Cookies

Sometimes, our pals (third-party services) have their cookies in the mix. Check out their privacy scenes for the lowdown.

7. Updates on the Mic

Our Cookie Policy might get a remix. When it does, we’ll drop the news on this page, and you’ll know it’s the latest and greatest.

8. Hit Us Up

Got questions about the Cookie groove? Give us a shout at

Thanks for rolling with us on Monemon Let’s keep the vibe alive!

Let's Stay Connected for the Coolest News! 🚀

Hey Awesome Human,

We’re all about vibes, and we want to keep you in the loop with the latest and coolest. Just a heads up, though – we’re all GDPR compliant, and we need your thumbs-up to slide into your inbox with the freshest updates.

Consent Game: Strong 💪

I am giving the green light to Monemon to do its thing with my deets, all for the purpose of dropping those A+ marketing news and updates via email.

Deets We’re Talking:

  • Email Address

Why We Want Your Info:

So, we can send you the sickest news, promos, and vibes from Monemon.

In Charge:

Monemon AS (registration code 16573117)
Monemon Digital OÜ (registration code 16082000)
Headquartered at Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kristiine linnaosa, Mustamäe tee 16, 10617 Estonia

How Long Are We Bros? This consent is on until you say, “Chill, that’s enough!”

Withdraw the Cool Card: Feel like you want out? No prob. You can bail, and it won’t mess with anything that happened before you ghosted us.

How to Drop the Mic: To dip out or throw questions our way, hit us up at

By giving this a thumbs-up, I’m saying, “Got it!” to what’s laid out here.

Subscriber’s Virtual Fist

Big thanks for rolling with us. Your privacy’s a big deal, and we’re here to keep it cool.


Monemon team