We are bunch of crazy ex- bankers, punkers, business cowboys, creative thinkers, who decided that the old school banking is for oldies and we need to break out from 90s and create something completely different for the youngsters, generation Z. Completely, and we mean it.

So we are inventing the Monemon where your daily financials are connected to a exciting digital world MOWO – a parallel universe, where you can spend your virtual Monecoin like there is no tomorrow.

Create your character and enjoy life without the barriers.


Expand across Europe

Apr 2024

Monemon EE market launch

Nov 2023

Start post-license fundraising

Oct 2023

EMI license issued by EFSA
Start EE market launch preparations, finalize development

July 2023

1M EUR pre-license seed funding raised

Oct 2022

EMI license application submitted to EFSA

July 2022

850 K EUR seed funding raised

Feb 2021

First friends and family 150K EUR raised

Aug 2020

Monemon idea was born, start of IT core system development, concept development

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Reg nr 16573117; VAT EE102537358

LEI 984500I6CF3C8BC0C913

Mustamäe tee 16, Tallinn 10617

GEN-Z consumers
are becoming
of age

GEN-Z consumers
are becoming
of age

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